People That I Love

Orang yang paling saya cintai. Tapi yang paing saya cintai adallah tuhan Yesus. He is My Saviour.
* Jesus Christ
* My Mom
* My Dad
* My lovely Bro’ ans Sist’
* My GrandPa’ and Ma’
* My Best Friend
* Siapapun yang gag suka sama saya, tapi saya mencintai kalian semua… ( Ceillleeeeeeeeee….)



Apakah Kamu ELF? Please Read This! =D

Apakah Kamu ELF? Please Read This! =D.

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Photo of the Day, December 14th

Gathering Moss while Wandering

Life certainly does have it’s ups and downs and you really never know which direction you might go in next. It’s cliche, since pretty much every philosopher and writer has said this, but I’ll repeat it because it’s in my head: in life, the only constant is change. No doubt, it’s difficult, but we weather it by finding humor in the dark corners and being resilient even when we don’t want to. Easier said than done, I know, but you come out stronger in the end (more cliche).

I’ve been thinking about this a good deal these last few months. With my friends, I’m pretty much an open book. Any experience I’ve had, someone else has had before me or will have after me, so why tuck my own away like they’re some dark secret? Sure, we’re individuals, but we’re also far more the same than we are often willing…

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Why I Steal Ink Pens

ocean eyes

kurang kerjaan lagi

Anak rajin. baca buku. kayak saya….

Kuma sama Ayu….

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